Dogmonauts To The Moon

Quick Points

Dogmonauts is a project built with a true heart.

If you love Dogs then the utility and community of this project is
definitely a project you should look into.

There are a lot of projects that pronounce they are going to the moon, but this is one project that has it in their story. Little cute pups that are astronauts are the artwork of this adorable project. The creator of this project, which goes by the moniker “poorrichard” has a love for pups and his project shows that completely. Let’s take a quick look at this new upcoming NFT project titled “Dogmonauts” that aims to better the lives of puppies all over the world.

An Interesting take on art

Many projects take on a sort of copycat approach when it comes to production. We at Solanews have also warned about the dangers of such projects, but Poorrichard has taken a rather novel approach to how he created his art. As an artist, and with previous history working in the entertainment industry, Poorrichard has always appreciated the playfulness of low poly and stylized art and has enjoyed rich detailed textures. He decided that he wanted to marry the two styles with hopes to use the super detailed textures that would allow or 4K rendering.

The result of his experiment is the adorable wonderful characters you see on their website. The characters can remind you of the adorable characters of Wallace and Gromit. The style is quite catching and the multiple traits that are designated for the characters promise an NFT that is both enjoyable and has a great utility. There is no doubt that having this art on your wall or as a background on a phone or a smartwatch, will definitely start some conversations.

A team with a heart

The main team of Dogmonauts is headed by three kind-hearted individuals that believe in community. When asked about the team, project leader Poorrichard simply replied: “There are three of us that have put work into the platform, art, and technology, but really there are 1,000 people on our Discord that truly make up the team and the community” This shows that community and the project really mean a lot to him- that’s always a good sign.

When asked about the utility of the project one can sense the true altruism of the project. The creators of the project have created in their story what they call “The Moon Club.” The Moon Club is a private members club that members will be able to participate in community votes for various charities. The first charity campaign that the creators have planned is an event that hopes to save 1,000 stranded pups from shelters and find them great homes by paying for the adoption fees. The plan is to have photos of the saved pups and their new homes posted in the Moon Club. The Moon Club members will also have the ability to vote on events that take place in the real world by using their unique backgrounds and connections to create new events (meetups, concerts, etc), and being a member will grant access to those events.

Poorrichard has great plans and ideas for his group of buyers. There is already a plan for two more airdrops for members that are loyal to the program. The plan is to have fun, help real pups and sustain value for all members of Dogmonauts. There is indeed a sense of altruism and love for community and dogs. Members are also welcome to offer ideas for the future of the community and project as well.

Some rare features

Like most NFT projects each Dogmonaut will come with rare traits that will no doubt add to the value of each piece of art. The best traits to hope for are the all gold fur, rare breeds such as zombie and yeti, and even Chowboys( a play on Cowboys). These are all very rare traits and you should definitely keep an eye out for these when you mint.

Let’s take a ride!

The opportunity to use an NFT as a way to not only make money but actually enforce a change is what sets this project apart from other projects. As long as Poorrichard can fulfill the promise made by the project this can and will be an NFT that could potentially reach the moon and the Dogmonauts are well equipped.

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