Coinbase Wallet gets Solana Support

Conbase continues its support
of the Solana blockchain

Coinbase enabled support for the Solana Blockchain on the Coinbase wallet browser extension. Users are able to manage their SOL and tokens using the extension on the wallet.

Prior to Solana the wallet supported Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche and BNB among many other well-known blockchains. Coinbase is hoping to position itself as a competitor to other popular wallets such as Phantom and Solflare. Coinbase does allow support for SOL ad SPL tokens but does not allow users to manage NFTs directly like Phantom.

All of this utility is only on the Coinbase wallet browser extension and none of this is available on the Coinbase Wallet app at the moment., this means that the tokens won’t be visible on the app. Users can move their tokens from their existing Solana-based wallets on setup of the Coinbase browser extension. Future plans are for the wallet to allow NFT control and other features such as connecting to Dapps on the Solana chain are also planned but have not yet been implemented.

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