Coinbase Allows Users to Identify Crypto Friendly Politicians

Coinbase hope to aid in midterm elections.

Crypto firms have been very interested in joining in on the political conversations of the US lately.  Some companies such as Coinbase and FTX have hired lobbyists and ex-regulators to influence policymakers in creating legislation that can be deemed as more favorable towards crypto and their businesses.

Coinbase is rolling out an in-app tool that allows users to check for candidates that are pro-crypto. CEO Brian Armstrong announced the addition in a tweet yesterday as many crypto companies are pushing efforts ahead of the US midterms that will take place this November.

The tool will make clear the members of Congress and show how they measure up via “crypto sentiment” which has the range from “very positive” to “very negative.”

The initiative is being done in conjunction with the Crypt Action Network which is a 501(c)(4) organization that is focused on promotion of growth and security of cryptocurrency.

Data from the Crypto Action Network is being used for the assessments as the data has scores for members of Congress which are publicly available.  These pieces of data include media statements, legislative records, and whether or not the person accepted donations via crypto. 

Brian Armstrong believes that economic freedom will only come when Crypto advocacy is made a staple  The leader hopes to have elected leaders that are interested in rallying the crypto community and driving sensible policies.


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