Coca Cola Friendship Day offers NFT holders free NFT

The NFT were airdropped to existing Coca Cola owners

Generative NFTs created by avatar creating company Tafi were launched on the Polygon Chain by Coca-Cola to celebrate International Friendship Day. The NFTs are very unique one-of-a-kind shareable assets.

The collection known as “Bubbles inside a Coke bottle” was airdropped to digital wallets that already held a previous Coca-Cola NFT. The functionality of the NFT was quite unique in that each NFT is only revealed after a user shares it with a friend.

Coca-Cola first revealed a 4,000 piece collection in 2021 with its “loot box” auction. The proceeds from that auction were donated to Special Olympics International. The offering at that time was known as the “Friendship Box” and contained four 1-of-1 pieces that were multi-sensory.  According to the introduction of the project the box contained the following:

The Friendship Box reimagines Coca-Cola’s highly collectible 1956 retro vending machines for the metaverse. A play on the loot box, the exterior is decorated with symbols of friendship and sharing that fade upon opening to reveal the vintage vending machine as the first NFT.

A custom Coca-Cola Bubble Jacket Wearable—a futuristic jacket—is illuminated with effervescent fizz. Purposely designed with subtle nods to Coke’s nostalgic delivery uniforms. It also will include an unlockable version that can be worn in the Decentraland 3D virtual reality platform. Inspired by metaverse trends and utility, the jacket features the Coca-Cola color palette, fusing the metallic red of the aluminum can and caramel brown of the delicious drink.

The Sound Visualizer captures the experience of sharing a Coca-Cola using instantly recognizable audio cues: the pop of a bottle opening, the sound of a beverage being poured over ice, the unmistakable fizz and that first refreshing taste.

The Friendship Card reimagines the design of Coca-Cola’s famous friendship-inspired trading cards from the 1940s for the digital world. The cards bear the “Symbol of Friendship” moniker. 2021

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Owners of the Coca-Cola NFT enjoy many rewards and perks such as Coke Studio-powered experiences, early access to Coca-Cola creations and limited product launches , as well as gaming events. Currently the company has several events lined up for the metaverse throughout all of 2022 with a special event for Halloween and International Singles Day.

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