Blur Co-Founder Doxxes Himself After Being Outed By Others

Blur-red out no more

One of the founders of the NFT marketplace, Blur, has publicly revealed his identity after rumors about his persona swirled on Crypto Twitter. Tieshun Roquerre, who goes by the online name “Pacman,” is the co-founder of Blur, a crypto VC-backed NFT marketplace designed for “pro traders” that has become the top NFT exchange by volume, overtaking OpenSea.

Roquerre is a 24-year-old who previously worked as a software engineer at Teespring, an ecommerce site, before dropping out of high school. He then co-founded StrongIntro, which he took through the Y Combinator startup accelerator. Later, he attended MIT for two years before dropping out to found Namebase, a crypto domain startup, which he raised $5 million for and sold to Namecheap within three years.

Roquerre had enjoyed the anonymity of being “pseudo[anonymous]” while building Blur but chose to reveal his identity and go by the name Pacman, which he claimed was easier to pronounce than his real name. He plans to continue using his 2D anime-style digital avatar for calls.


Blur came into existence in October 2022, promising BLUR tokens to NFT traders via an airdrop in early 2023. After the airdrop to its early adopters, trading on the exchange skyrocketed, and according to blockchain data available on Dune Analytics, Blur now commands an 80.6% market share among NFT exchanges, while OpenSea holds about 14.5% based on trading volume.

Roquerre’s doxxing came after Twitter users noticed that Paradigm, the VC heavyweight, backed Namebase, where Roquerre was listed as its founder. Users also observed that Roquerre was liking and retweeting Blur’s posts. Paradigm Cofounder Matt Huang acknowledged that they had always intended to back whatever Roquerre did next and were proud of the team and product they had built.

Crunchbase data revealed that Namebase was also backed by INBlockchain, a Chinese crypto investment firm that claims to own 130,000 BTC.

Roquerre’s public revelation has shed light on one of the co-founders of Blur, but many questions about the NFT exchange remain unanswered. Nonetheless, traders continue to flock to the platform, and it remains the dominant NFT exchange in the market.


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