Billion Dollar Gaming

Krafton a billion dollar gaming
firm collabs with Solana Labs

Gaming is getting another boost on the Solana blockchain with another collaboration that is sure to bolster the web3 offerings on Solana. Recently the billion-dollar company Krafton, based in South Korea has signed a deal with Solana Labs.



Krafton is well-known for its creation Player Unknown: Battlegrounds a free-to-play multiplayer free-for-all battle royale shooter much in the same vein as the popular fortnite, though it came before the Epic games offering. The company was founded by billionaireĀ Chang Byung-gyu, and is expanding its crypto empire by partnering with blockchain startup Solana Labs to develop play-to-earn crypto games.

The collaboration will see Solana Labs and Krafton make use of blockchain technology such as NFTs to build their project and community as well as partnering to market ,design, and invest in the project. Mr. Chang noted how this cooperation will help gain insight into investment into the blockchain and proper output of blockchain-based experiences.

In a February 2022 self-reported financial report 2021 Krafton earned well over $1.5 billion in revenue with $1.18 billion of that being from the game PUBG. Krafton is not the only gaming company to want to join a blockchain for gaming with other companies such as Square Enix and Ubisoft eyeing possiblities as well.

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