Avenged Sevenfold Frontman Believes In The Power Of NFTs


  • Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows recognizes the potential of integrating NFTs and crypto into gaming, citing the value of digital goods and their scarcity.
  • He emphasizes that game quality should come before association with NFTs or crypto, advocating for content and utility to take precedence over crypto jargon.
  • Sanders acknowledges the backlash against NFTs and emphasizes the need for education and compelling use cases to counter misinformation and build support for blockchain technology in gaming.

Avenged Sevenfold frontman Matt Sanders, also known as M. Shadows, shared his perspective on video games that leverage cryptocurrencies and NFTs. He expressed his understanding of digital goods and their scarcity, highlighting his early affinity for virtual assets. Sanders criticized the high prices players pay for cosmetic items in non-crypto games like Fortnite, emphasizing the closed ecosystems of these games.

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Sanders believes that the integration of high-value items as easily sellable and transferable assets in video games, enabled by NFTs and crypto, can elevate the gaming experience. However, he acknowledged the potential for exploitation in such economies while expressing confidence that technological solutions would emerge.

Sanders emphasized the importance of developing great games first, stating that a game’s quality should come before its association with NFTs or crypto. He expressed the need for content and utility to take precedence over crypto jargon, as he believes terms like “Web3 gaming” can create confusion and branding issues.

Regarding the backlash against NFTs in gaming, Sanders highlighted the pushback from mainstream media and the lack of understanding among some self-proclaimed experts. He recognized the power of storytelling and the need for compelling narratives to rally support for crypto and NFTs. He expressed optimism that the industry will continue to develop strong use cases to counter the prevailing narrative against the technology.

Sanders, being an avid gamer and involved in the crypto and NFT space, understands the potential of integrating blockchain technology into gaming. He recognizes the scarcity and value associated with digital goods and believes that leveraging NFTs can bring a new level of excitement and engagement to the gaming experience.

However, Sanders also acknowledges the need for caution and ensuring that game developers prioritize creating enjoyable and immersive gameplay. He emphasizes that the success of a game should not solely rely on its association with NFTs or crypto, but rather on its inherent quality and appeal to players.

In discussing the backlash against NFTs in gaming, Sanders points out the misinformation and misunderstanding that often surround crypto-related topics. He highlights the importance of education and creating compelling use cases that demonstrate the benefits of NFTs and blockchain technology in gaming.

Ultimately, Sanders sees the potential for blockchain-based games with high stakes and easily tradable assets, but he also acknowledges the need for responsible development and the importance of delivering exceptional gaming experiences. By focusing on creating great games and showcasing the value of NFTs in enhancing gameplay, the gaming industry can navigate the challenges and skepticism surrounding NFT adoption and foster greater acceptance and understanding.

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