Atari Goes Meta

The gaming entity goes
into the metaverse


One of the largest areas in Decentraland is called Vegas City and it is the site of new interest for Atari. The gaming company will be building a cryptocurrency casino in the web3 area. The trend of building online gaming casinos is big lately with other companies such as Sand Vegas Casino Clubs entering the foray with an NFT collection.

Atari plans to build and open a virtual casino in Vegas City, this casino is planned to have Atari-themed games as part of an initial two-year loan term inside the virtual platform. The proceeds from the gambling will mostly go to the Decentral Games treasury thus bringing in more value to those that hold the DG token. The projected amount of money generated from the games is estimated to be about $400 million.

The casino and game room will run on the Ethereum chain, using MANA, and will feature most of the games made by Atari in their 50-year history. The goal is to see how “social and monetary metaphysical opportunities” can be brought to life in the metaverse and motivate users.


A New Player Arrives


As stated before Atari isn’t the only company that has put its energy into gambling on web3. Sand Vegas Casino Club plans to create multiple online web2 and web3 accessible casinos. There will be 111,111 NFT and those that have the NFT will share in the profits taken from the casino with a golden NFT taking more. SVCC has announced plans for Decentraland and The Sandbox but plans to join Infinity Void as well.

These two companies are not the only companies that are looking to use Vegas Land to their advantage as other companies are highly interested as well:

“In February, Kings Entertainment Group, the parent company of global online gaming brands LottoKings and WinTrillions, announced its intent, plans and has already taken the first steps to research and develop strategies to prepare for the metaverse. Kings Entertainment has secured a soon-to-be-announced URL and is actively exploring purchase options in the virtual Vegas City area of Decentraland. ( March,2022). “

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