Animoca Slashes Metaverse Treasury In Half

Animoca Brands will raise $1 billion for its metaverse fund in early 2021, down from an earlier target of $2 billion.

• The fundraising process will take place in the first quarter of this year.

• Yat Siu, chairman of Animoca Brands, said that while the market is not “super optimistic” following the FTX meltdown, there are still plenty of sources of capital for the new venture.

Animoca Slashes Metaverse Treasury In Half

Animoca Brands has made plans to raise $1 billion for its ‘metaverse fund’ in early 2023. Originally, Animoca had planned to raise as much as $2 billion for the fund. This lower figure is still an impressive amount of capital that will, no doubt, benefit the gaming and entertainment industry.

The fund will provide an update on the current gaming landscape and allow developers to create a more immersive virtual world. With the money allocated through this fund, future online games could be entirely changed with a wide range of interactive options available. This could change how mobile games are played and how people interact in the digital world. In short, the metaverse fund is sure to lead to interesting new developments within the industry in 2023.

The Fund

The Metaverse Fund will be used to invest in promising projects related to the development of a metaverse. It will be conducted through a private placement offering and will include investments from Animoca’s existing investors as well as new capital sources like venture capital funds, family offices, and strategic partners. The minimum investment amount is $1 million USD.

However, the FTX meltdown 1 has had an impact on Animoca’s fundraising plans. As one of its major investors, its IPO delay caused Animoca to postpone its fundraising timeline as well. Nonetheless, they are still planning to move forward with their original goal of raising $30 million USD by August 2021.

The Fundraising Process and Its Implications

Animoca Brands is set to begin its fundraising process during this quarter. This is an exciting development for the company as they are expecting to gain a great deal of capital and build upon the success of their products.

Different investors from around the world will be involved in the process and it will help expand Animoca’s growth potential. There are many exciting innovations teased to be coming from this tech giant that stands to benefit both investors and consumers alike.

This new influx of money could provide developers with more resources necessary to create thrilling gaming experiences in 2023. The whole process should be an exciting one and we’re looking forward to seeing Animoca Brands reach new heights with every quarter.


Animoca Brands faces several challenges while raising funds for its Metaverse Fund. First and foremost is convincing potential investors that investing in a metaverse fund could generate returns over longer periods of time than traditional forms of investment like stocks or bonds offer.

Animoca must also make sure they can protect investor data and other sensitive information while still being able to provide transparency into their operations and investments made with the fund’s money. Lastly, Animoca must ensure that they can attract enough capital to meet their $30 million dollar target in order for the fund to be successful.

Use of Funds

The money raised from this private placement offering will be used primarily for developing game experiences within its metaverse platform, which includes virtual real estate, gaming experiences, virtual events, esports tournaments, and more. It could also help unlock new opportunities for business models within this space such as subscription services or microtransaction-based monetization strategies.

Furthermore, it could potentially open up additional avenues for developers who are looking for ways to monetize their games without having to rely solely on advertising revenue or loot boxes for income generation purposes.

Investing in a metaverse fund does come with certain risks though—including volatility due to market conditions or changes in regulation—so it’s important that investors understand these risks before making any decisions about whether or not this type of investment would be right for them personally.

In summary, Animoca Brands’ recent announcement of its plans to raise $30 million USD through the launch of its Metaverse Fund serves as an example of how companies are beginning to explore new ways of raising capital through unique opportunities such as investing in virtual worlds built on blockchain technology.

This could have significant implications for businesses and investors alike in terms of unlocking additional revenue streams and alternative forms of investment vehicles outside traditional markets like stocks or bonds—but only time will tell if these new possibilities become realities or simply pipe dreams!

Still hopeful

Despite the aftermath of the FTX meltdown that has left a somber feeling in the market, Yat Siu, chairman of Animoca Brands, believes there is still hope and optimism with existing sources of capital to fund new ventures. This sentiment was echoed not just by Siu but also by many venture capitalists and investors who don’t believe the meltdown will have long-term effects on investments; instead, they think the incident is a minor setback that won’t significantly impact the future flow of investments.

However, Animoca Brands still vehemently supports stringent measures and standards for all financial decisions to ensure investor safety. Ultimately, Siu and Animaca Brands remain unwavering in their commitment to providing quality experiences for our customers through pioneering and innovative approaches.

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