Animoca Brands Dives Into Web3 Music With Pixelynx

Animoca Brands Corporation Limited has taken a majority stake in Pixelynx, Inc. through its controlled subsidiary.

• Pixelynx is a music metaverse gaming platform founded by musicians and technologists deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) and Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) along with music and gaming industry veterans Ben Turner, Dean Wilson, and Inder Phull.

• Animoca Brands has acquired a majority stake in PIXELYNX to build, invest in, and acquire studios, infrastructure

Animoca Brands Corporation Limited is taking a major step forward in the development of its gaming and blockchain business. The company recently announced that it has taken a majority stake in Pixelynx, Inc. through its controlled subsidiary. This move further cements Animoca Brands’ position as one of the leading firms in the gaming industry. Pixelynx brings an impressive history and portfolio of successful online and augmented reality games, which will be integrated with Animoca’s current product lineup to create experiences that are revolutionary for gamers from all walks of life. Under this new deal, Animoca will have the ability to develop more innovative games that exceed expectations while pushing the boundaries of play through emergent technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence. With this powerful combination of technologies and expertise, Animoca is poised to redefine how we play today’s contemporary games.

Animoca Brands’ Investment in Pixelynx

Animoca Brands acquired its majority stake in Pixelynx through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Animoca Brands International Holding Limited. The purpose behind this investment was to build, invest, and acquire studios to develop cutting-edge content for players around the world. The acquisition also allows Animoca Brands to tap into a larger pool of talent, with some of the most experienced game developers from around the globe joining the team at Pixelynx.

Pixelynx is transforming the music and gaming industry with its innovative gaming platform. Led by an impressive team of musicians and technologists, Pixelynx was founded by deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) and Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) in collaboration with Ben Turner, Dean Wilson, and Inder Phull. With all the members’ expertise and experience in the music industry, the platform is aiming to revolutionize today’s musical metaverse. Allowing gamers a digital playground where they can enjoy games while customizing their audio experiences adds a unique touch to this technology; one that could be revolutionary for future generations of gamers.

Building, Investing and Acquiring with Animoca Brands

With their majority stake in Pixelynx, Animoca Brands will be able to create studios through their investment. This will enable them to produce high-quality content that can compete with big-name games like “Call of Duty” or “Gears of War”. Additionally, they can use their stake to invest in new projects or acquire existing studios or infrastructure that could potentially add value to their portfolio.

Animoca Brands Corporation Limited’s investment into Pixelynx Inc is an exciting move for both companies and has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. By building studios through their investment, investing in new projects or acquiring existing ones, they are taking steps to create high-quality content for gamers worldwide.

The major strategic decision by A.B. was to acquire a majority stake in PIXELYNX as part of its plan to drive the gaming industry forward. As an industry leader, Animoca Brands intends to use this opportunity to develop, invest in and acquire full-scale studios and infrastructure. This move will allow them greater control over projects and strengthen their competitive edge against other game publishers. Their long-term goal is to accelerate growth and establish a foothold in the competitive world of gaming, through ambitious projects with top-of-the-line games being released all over the world. This acquisition puts Animoca Brands at the forefront of innovation while also showing its commitment to investing in resources to continue leading the market.

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