A Web3 Developer Platform Has Just Raised Over $7M In Pre-Seed Funding


  • Airstack, a web3 developer platform, raises over $7 million in pre-seed funding led by Superscrypt, with Polygon as a prior investor.
  • Airstack offers developers access to cross-chain data through AI-powered natural language queries.
  • Airstack attracts over 200 developers and supports various projects, including DeFi, marketing engines, CRM tools, and decentralized social applications.

Airstack, a web3 developer platform, has successfully raised over $7 million in a pre-seed funding round. The funding extension was led by Superscrypt, with Polygon being a prior investor. Airstack offers developers the ability to access and utilize cross-chain data through natural language requests powered by artificial intelligence (AI). While AI is gaining popularity in the crypto space, it also carries some controversies.

The CEO of Airstack, Jason Goldberg, highlighted that the platform was built based on extensive interviews with developers to address the challenges they faced with previous tools. Since its debut in April, Airstack has attracted over 200 developers who have utilized the platform for various projects, including marketing engines, decentralized finance (DeFi) portfolio optimizers, customer resource management tools, advertising platforms, and decentralized social and messaging applications.

A key feature of Airstack is its ability to enable developers to query, combine, and integrate on-chain or off-chain, cross-chain, and cross-application data using a single query and response. For example, developers can use natural language queries to retrieve information about the holders of the MATIC token on the Polygon blockchain who possess a minimum of 10,000 MATIC, along with their token balances, ENS, Lens, and Farcaster.

The pre-seed funding round occurred in two halves, with the first half closing in the third quarter of 2022 and Polygon being one of the backers. Other notable investors include Hashed Emergent, NGC, Primal Capital, UOB Ventures, and Signum Capital.

In addition to the funding announcement, Airstack also introduced an updated version of its Jam social app. Built on Farcaster and Ethereum, the app is available on iOS and Android and features user profiles and groups centered around users’ Web3 collectibles.

While Airstack currently offers its services for free, the company plans to implement a pricing model in the future. Goldberg stated that their immediate focus is to onboard thousands of developers onto the platform and identify areas where they add the most value and where genuine business use cases emerge before finalizing the pricing model.

With its successful funding round and growing user base, Airstack aims to become a leading web3 developer platform, empowering developers to leverage cross-chain data and AI capabilities to drive innovation in the crypto space. The company’s focus on addressing developers’ pain points and its ambitious roadmap position it for future growth and success in the evolving blockchain ecosystem.

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