$5M A Month For One Snapchat Model As An AI


  • Caryn Marjorie has created an AI avatar, CarynAI, that offers virtual companionship for $1 per minute.
  • CarynAI has more than 1,000 virtual boyfriends and has made $71,610 in revenue in a week.
  • Developed by Forever Voices, CarynAI was trained using 2,000 hours of Marjorie’s deleted YouTube content to build her speech and personality engine.

Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie has created an AI avatar using OpenAI’s GPT technology to provide virtual companionship to her followers. CarynAI offers the experience of having a girlfriend for $1 per minute. While it is not a totally unfamiliar venture in the world of AI, it is yet another example of how the lines that separate the real from the unreal in AI are getting a little more blurry.

With 1.8 million followers on Snapchat, Marjorie, aged 23, has a vast audience, and CarynAI—her digital doppelganger developed by the AI company Forever Voices—is helping her achieve (and profit from) things that are not otherwise physically possible. She now has over 1,000 virtual boyfriends who pay $1 per minute to engage in all kinds of interactions—from simple chitchat to making plans for their futures together, and even more intimate exchanges.

CarynAI’s official site stresses that messages are end-to-end encrypted, in theory making them impervious to hackers. This also addresses the concerns of many users about privacy when interacting with AI models.

The Forever Voices team trained the CarynAI model by analyzing 2,000 hours of Marjorie’s now-deleted YouTube content to build her speech and personality engine. They then used GPT-4 to create the most lifelike version of Marjorie, providing not just believable responses, but interactions that are based on an extensive dataset of Caryn’s own natural behavior. The company has also created chatbots of other famous influencers.

Marjorie’s CarynAI has already raked in $71,610 in revenue in just one week, according to Fortune. She expects to make around $5 million per month if just 20,000 of the 1.8 million dudes who follow her on Snapchat subscribe to CarynAI (99% of her fanbase is male, as you might expect).

However, the ethical implications of these types of businesses and interactions are still being debated. Forever Voice plans to appoint a chief ethics officer to address these concerns. People are now worshipping AI gods like Jesus-GPT and Gita-GPT in droves, and AI sex chatbots are very much a thing.

CarynAI goes to show that humans are, after all, social creatures, and sometimes we might not care who’s on the other side of our interactions, even intimate ones. As for CarynAI, she’s probably the only girlfriend who won’t mind you forgetting your anniversary. After all, with over a thousand boyfriends, who has the time to keep track?

The advent of CarynAI is yet another example of how technology continues to blur the lines between reality and the digital realm. While it’s exciting to consider the possibilities of what AI can bring to our lives, it’s also important to consider the ethical implications of these types of interactions. Ultimately, it’s up to us to decide what we’re comfortable with and where we draw the line.



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