$46 Million awarded to company that created Words With Friends

Company will create new game on the Polygon chain

A new gaming studio named The Wildcard Alliance is focused on interactive entertainment and has currently raised $46 million in Series A funding led by Paradigm, with support from Griffin Gaming Partneres, Polygon, and Sabrina Hahn.

A new “hybrid multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)” named Wildcard is being created. This new MOBA will introduce the ability for fans to watch matches in real time in audience and interact with the game and the contestants.

The Wildcard Alliance is a subsidiary of the independent game company Playful Studios based in Texas. The game is being created by “Words with Friends” and VR game “Lucky’s Tale” creator Paul Bettner and his wife Katy Drake Bettner.

Bettner spoke on how much of the gaming on web3 is focused on finance and not on fun stating that he wants his project to focus on engagement and community, calling Wildcard a “next-gen spectator sport”. Interactive entertainment will be a primary driver of growth in web3 according to a statement by Paradigm. This can be supported by the fact that other gaming moguls such as Justin Kan of Twitch fame creating Solana-based Fractals which is focused on interactive web3 gaming.

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