Snoop Dogg opens NFT restaurant

Snoop Dogg opens NFT Restaurant

Time to get a Hot Dogg

Bored & Hungry in LA, was launched by Food Fighters Universe and now they are working with Snoop Dogg to create a new NFT restaurant. Though the crypto and NFT space seem to be taking a break or at least slowing down, there is no denying that NFT art is still a surprisingly growing sector of web3 and there is even more interest in products being created with the artwork. Keep in mind most projects offer the holder the ability to use the art in any way they see fit. Food Fighters Universe is on a mission to create new restaurant ideas that are both profitable and marketable. There is much more to their plans on their website.

The website of FFU is absolutely on track with their plan.

For those that are not in the know Bored and Hungry was the first restaurant opened that was based on a popular NFT brand — The Bored Apes. The restaurant opened in April of 2022 and has seen success. The success of that restaurant led the team of Food Fighters Universe to look into more options for more restaurants in the future. Their journey to find new ideas has led them to one of the greatest in the rap game- Snoop Dogg.

Snoop is no stranger to NFTs and is one of the biggest influencers of our time now on both Instagram and TikTok. His following continues to grow and many say there is no sign of his star dimming at all. In working with Snoop there is the hope for a guarantee that the Los Angeles native will indeed bring customers and have many people interested in the restaurant as a whole.

Snoop owns a Bored Ape himself and names his Bored Ape Dr. Bombay. In a post on his Twitter, he used a photo to make an announcement about joining Food Fighters Universe.

The restaurant will be named “Dr. Bombay’s Sweet Exploration” and while the name is quite a mouthful the food plans to be too. The shop will be more of a sweet shop and less focused on things such as burgers and fries. The shop will have its ribbon-cutting ceremony soon which will offer an “immersive retail dessert experience”.

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