Blockchain game coming to Epic Games store


Gaming company Gala has announced the premiere of its blockchain online battle royale game entitle GRIT. The game has been introduced on the Epic Games store since other online game stores such as STEAM are against blockchain and web3 gaming.

Gala game is a focused, blockchain-based gaming development company that emphasizes turning every game into an NFT. The company is serious about web3 with GRIT being the biggest game they have released yet. Gala games are Ethereum-based with the ERC721 protocol which provides for more immersive and interactive gaming on the blockchain. The company also has its own token of the same name which is used for in-game payments and earnings.

Rootin’ Tootin’

Set in the wild west GRIT is a battle royale game much like PUBG or Fortnite. The characters coming to the game. will be unique generative gunslingers that allow for your own unique loadouts, looks, and perks. The game is another testament to why games such as Fortnite are seen as the future of gaming. The ability to craft your own one-of-a-kind character with very unique abilities is indeed what web3 gaming is all about. Decentralization and ownership are two major draws to the next evolution of gaming.

The Sale

Currently, there are plans for the sale of GRIT which is being put into phases. Each of these phases will only last a full day -24 hours with each new day widening the number of users that can participate. The first day June 6th has already passed with Galaverse attendees paying $600 to join. Today the 7th has seen the Founders Node License for sale for $1200, tomorrow June 8th The Gala Gold will be sold for $1500, and finally, the public sale with a price TBD will be on June 9th.

Unique Desperado

As stated before, the characters of the game are ERC721 NFTs and you will be able to use the NFT to shoot and loot and earn at the same time. Each of these characters is generative and unique with a special set of attributes and traits so now two gunslingers will be the same. Loadouts of characters will allow for diversity and personality for your gunslinger to show who you are, you can truly become a legend and well-known by your avatar.

Gaming on the blockchain has come a long way as new and exciting ways of play are being created more companies are starting to show their interest in the play-to-earn space. Though many players are against NFTs in the gaming space there are ways to get them to understand and slowly come around to the idea, with companies such as EPIC and GALA the future may be closer for NFT gaming than originally thought.