Cookin’ Burger P2E game to be released

Presale for in-game NFT and launch date revealed by DEA

Digital Entertainment Assets (DEA) a blockchain-based multimedia and GameFi platform has announced a date for the launch of their P2E game which will be available on their PlayMining platform.

Cook it up!

The game ‘Cookin Burger!’ is slated for a spring 2022 release. The game is an action game with multi-tasking at heart. The player is a worker at a burger shop taking and fulfilling orders from a unique variation of customers. The goal of the game is efficiency while building the reputation of your shop. To become a shop owner one must purchase an NFT shop which can be purchased on the website. There are different variations of the NFT shop that can be found on the website and come in the form of either a food stand or food truck.

You can purchase either a food cart or a food truck to begin your journey in the game

The game is being developed by Burger Studios and will be the first third-party title on the PlayMining platform which already has many other first-party games. The debut of the game may be June 22, but it is slated for a June 30 premiere on PlayMining.

Currently, the carts that are available on the website are what can be known as “secondhand” carts which lead to the belief that the secondary market will be also handled on the website as well.

PlayMining already has games and NFTs for sale.

PlayMining represents yet another successful P2E platform created by the team at DEA as they continue to grow in the GameFi sphere. Their GameFi initiatives such as PlayMining on the Binance Chain and the native token $DEP show their dedication to growing the sector.

For more information on Cookin Burger and other P2E games on the platform make sure you check out their website and for all your web3 information make sure to keep it right here on Metafi!