Building the Atlanta Blockchain

Atlanta is thriving in not only movie production but crypto and web3 as well

For those that are not familiar with Atlanta, it is one of the busiest and most productive cities in the United States. The state of Georgia, in which Atlanta is the capital ranks 8th for all American GDP to this day. Atlanta has been the home of the civil rights movement, the birthplace of southern hip hop, a cultural mecca, and now the “new Hollywood.” The city has been recognized as a global city since 1990 when it hosted the Olympics and was chosen to host Super Bowl XXVIII in 1994. In 1996, 

Atlanta hosted again for Super Bowl XXXIV. Having become one of America’s leading convention cities, it hosts a number of meetings each year at venues such as Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre (home to The Coca-Cola Company), Centennial Olympic Park & Philips Arena (home to NBA’s Hawks), and State Farm Arena (formerly Philips Arena). Visitors come from all over to see their favorite celebrities perform at intimate venues like Fox Theatre or 678 Bistro Lounge where they can mingle with stars after enjoying their favorite food or beverage from one of many restaurants located throughout downtown Atlanta including Vino Venue; home to some amazing wines paired with delicious dishes that are sure not disappoint. 

Atlanta is considered an “alpha-” or “world city”, placing it among the top thirty urban areas in the world. As a result, Atlanta has been able to attract large corporations and maintain its status as a global leader in business, finance, media, and art. With over 30 international consulates in Metro Atlanta (more than any other American city), it is clear that Atlanta has become a hub for international activity.

With all of this about Atlanta, there is no wonder that the city is a staple for those that want to build and the building is what many have done in this great city. Currently, we at MetaFi were given the opportunity to participate in the grand opening of the Atlanta Blockchain Center which was opened by Marlon Williams CEO of Starter Labs(not to be confused with The Starter Labs). 

The air of the event was electric as there were amazing speeches by Mr. Williams, Michael Terpin the “Godfather of Crypto”, and The Mayor of Atlanta Andre Dickens who is a vivid web3 ambassador. The event also saw some of the greatest talking points made by a young guru Tariq Waseem who gave a moving speech about integrity, collaboration, and listening to the youth of crypto. The event went extraordinarily well and the reception was overall positive as the Atlanta Blockchain event was meant to serve as an introduction to a live DAO that has been created to help build web3 and a web3 community in Atlanta. 

Michael Terpin and Marlon Williams speak at the inauguration of the ABC

At the time of this writing the center is open and ready to offer any help to anyone that wants to build on the platform. They have promised weekly Thursday classes on many web3 subjects and membership is free for the time being. This is an excellent opportunity for members of the community to build and grow with the new web in Atlanta, there is also chatter that this will not be the only blockchain center opened in the city of Atlanta and that there may be more in the pipeline. Atlanta truly is a place to build and grow.