Zilliqa to Launch Web3 Games Console

The blockchain network has shown a prototype of the gaming console it plans to release in 2023

Zilliqa is a Layer-1 blockchain and it is preparing to bring something new to the web3 space. The company was founded in 2017 and launched on the mainnet in 2019. The team at Zilliqa has aggressively pursued new ways to expand their influence in the web3 gaming ecosystem. One such was was to join the Blockchain Gaming Alliance as well as forging partnerships with esports teams as well.

The company is gearing up to dive into web3 gaming and launch a hardware console and gaming hub.


The company showed off a version of the console that will be used for end-users to explore the world of web3 gaming. The console was purple, sleek and had an array of ports including HDMI, Ethernet, USB-C and USB 3 connections. The full specs for the machine are still under wraps as Zilliqa has not yet decided to allow the public to know what is under the hood. 

Zilliqa has promised user-friendliness ,a crypto-wallet, web3 capabilities,and mining integrated into the console in an effort to” hide the complexity of web3 from the end-user” The team at Zilliqa decided to hide the complexities of an embedded web3 wallet. 

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Players will be able to earn Zilliqa (ZIL) tokens as they complete missions,skill tests , tasks, and quests. The tokens will be added to the blockchain and will have more use than traditional trophies given out in gaming today. Players will also have the ability to use the machine to mine ZIL tokens, a process that the team believes will aid in decentralization. When asked how much players could potentially earn the Head of Gaming Technology Valentin Cobela said it would depend on the skill of the gamer as the amount they earn would be reflected by their skill in gaming.

The price of the console has yet to be given out but the team states that the end result is that the machine will eventually pay for itself.

Zilliqa has partnered with the esports organization Xborg which will see the community of the organization assist with creating tournaments and marketing. The community of Xborg will also receive beta access to test Zilliqa’s gaming hub which is set to be released in October.

The console itself is set for a first quarter 2023 release and will have a first-person shooter WEB3WAR released simultaneously.

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