Yuga Labs Creates Bored Ape and Mutant Ape Club Community Council

In a recent announcement, Yuga Labs has introduced a community council which will be the representatives of the BAYC and MAYC collections from this time forward.  Seven community members made the cut due to a “proven track record” within the community.

The team 

The announcement was made this past week as the team at Yuga Labs decided to create the council of seven in order to represent the entire ecosystem of the two majorly popular NFTs. The council will have the power to nominate three community projects a month and the BAYC and MAYC communities will have the opportunity to vote on which project will be awarded a grant from Yuga Labs.

Yuga labs Bored Apes

The members of the community council are Josh Ong, Sera, Laura Rod, 0xEthan, 0xWAve, Negi, and Peter Fang. The council will work closely with the team at Yuga Labs and the respective communities. The goal is to build upon the momentum that was created earlier when the apes were used for many other new ventures. The community will be responsible to uplift community-driven initiatives which include commercial projects, meet-ups, charitable giving, and more. 

The Criteria

The team was chosen by Yuga Labs for their prior track records within the community, especially towards community led-initiatives and building. The community was created right after Yuga Labs fully released IP rights to Crypotpunks and Meebits owners, with BAYC and MAYC rights already being released. The team also has their hands full with their metaverse project Otherside and have released a new trailer for the project

The community council is a group of members that have constantly shown their dedication to the brand and building the future for MAYC and BAYC, The team will be tasked with keeping that momentum and building the brand to even higher heights.

Yuga Labs states the new community council will keep independence within the community and the project strong, stating that the community council represents the autonomy of the group. The company states that it is prepared to work with the council closely to bring forth the ideas and plans the council offers.

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