Yoots Hail to DeGods

Solana NFT project continues in its ascension

Yoots, another ape-inspired NFT project is soon upon us. The project created by the DeGods team aims to change the way NFTs are handled, traded, and sold. The platform introduces a new way to copyright or handle IP rights as users are able to add traits to the collection and earn from those creations as well. The yoots project has celebrities and crypto influencers filled in the hype of what some call the “Solana Bored Apes Killer.” 

Yoots look like bored apes but cleaner

In order to get on the whitelist for the yoots drop ( titled yootlist) you had to have a DeGods NFT already. This hype for Yoots led to more sales of the NFT on secondary markets. Currently, DeGods has topped all NFT projects in trading volume. The floor price of DeGods is over 500 Sol at the moment at 578.5 which is about $18,766.54 at current market price. This has pushed DeGods to become the most valuable Solana NFT pfp project,far surpassing Solana Monkey Business which is at 192 SOL.

According to analytics rom Cryptoslam there were sales topping $1.3 million across 70 transactions in a 24 hour period. 

DeGods launched late October 2021 and the project saw an evolution of sorts as holders held onto their NFTs, staked for $DUST as rewards and upgraded to new artwork. 

DeGods became even bigger when it purchased a stake in Ice Cube’s Big3 basketball league. The purchase was made by owning stakes of the team via NFTs. The top ownership stakes were owned by the heads of the project with lower-tier stakes being offered to DeGods holders. DeGods purchased all 25 Fire-tier NFT ownership in the Killer 3s which offer the most influence and control over a team such as who will be team CEO, president, and VP, as well as offering rights to merchandising and IP. Owning the Fire-tier NFT gave the holders of DeGods access to 500 whitelist spots to mint Gold-tier NFTs. 

The DeGods have seen an explosion in sales and popularity and the Yoots drop is bound to build upon that. The artwork is still ape-centric but cleaner than that of Bored Apes. The project will release with 15,000 pieces and the only way to purchase was through invitation or if you successfully applied for a Yoots “scholarship.”

There are multiple celebrities already in the group and ready to purchase Yoots such as Wayne Rooney, Howie Mandel, Lil Baby, iJustine, and Allen Iverson.

As stated earlier customization is key with Yoots as well as creating new ways to gain income for creators. There will be a storefront where holders can purchase and equip visual traits from other artists and the artists will take a cut of the royalties in the process. 

The leader of DeGods Frank is very outspoken and creative , time will tell if this new initiative pays off but there is a possibility he has created a new disruption in the NFT space.

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