Will Smartphones Be Replaced By The Metaverse?

With so many new use cases for the metaverse, one can only wonder what part of today’s society will be changed by the new technology. Will it be shopping, business, trade, education, health or something as simple as calling your friends? Nokia believes that the metaverse will replace the way we connect with family and friends yet again.

When the cellphone first came about it was huge, and clunky, and the battery didn’t last long, the carphone had to be connected to your car in order to work, and everything was huge and difficult to deal with. Cellphones themselves started off as huge clunky machines only to have evolved into handhelds with OLED screens and computer chips more sophisticated than that of early 2000 NASA.



Nokia was one of the first companies to manufacture consumer-grade mobile phones. The company has created some of the most original phone designs of our time. The company once dominated the cellphone industry before Apple came out with the iPhone. After the introduction of Apple’s flagship mobile device, the company would lose more than 90% of its customer base. Unable to regain its footing the company is no longer the powerhouse that it once was.

Nokia is no stranger to disruption and loss of a market and thus believes the metaverse is the new disruptor in the cellphone market. Nokia believes that the new way of communication will come via headsets that power Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Nokia believes the metaverse will change the way we communicate
 Nokia believes the metaverse will change the way we communicate

Fall of Apple

Just like Apple disrupted the business of Nokia and changed the world with the introduction of the smartphone, Nokia believes the metaverse will be the end of the mobile phone in general. The company believes that the metaverse will be the main way of communication even though cell phones may still be around. 

There will be a rise in interest in devices that can offer the user the ability to communicate in a more immersive way. Apple was able to bring facetime to the masses and new technology could trump that experience by making it as if you were already there. Nokia’s chief strategy and technology officer Nishant Batra is confident about the change that is about to come

“Our belief is that this device will be overtaken by a metaverse experience in teh second half of the decade”

Nishant Batra

For this change to take place a few things need to happen. First, there needs to be mass adoption of the technology, companies like meta are already on top of this. Secondly, the technology needs to be affordable, at the moment the price of entry into Meta’s offering ranges from $400 to $1500 with the latter price being for the headset that provides better quality visuals and tools. Finally, security needs to be handled well as it is a major issue with all things web3 at the moment. Currently Nokia is working towards security solutions for all things web3 and hopes to be a major player once again when the new web3 future arrives.

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