When DeGods bleed

*UPDATE- since the writing of this article the DeGods ecosystem has been reinstated on Twitter” please place past tense accordinglh whole reading*

The entire DeGods ecosystem had been banned on Twitter.

Yesterday we reported on DeGods surpassing other NFT projects in sales amidst a release of their newest Yoots project. The hype was there and for all intents and purposes it seemed it would be the beginning of a new era. This new era did not go without an issue however.


The entire DeGods ecosystem had been blocked by Twitter. This does not mean the end of DeGods or Yoots by any means but it did put a pause to things for the prolific Frank, the leader of DeGods. 

The DeGods community is filled with millionaires, celebrities and high profile holders and they all spoke up about the situation. The head of Solana Labs Anatoly Yakovenko and Head of Communications at the Solana Foundation Austin Federa both spoke up about the situation. 

At the time of this writing the accounts that were blocked by Twitter are reinstated and there has been no official word on why that was. Twitter is not known to be anti-crypto as many crypto and NFT projects have used the social media platform to gain a following. The use of Twitter for crypto and NFTs has created subcultures such as Crypto Twitter, NFT Twitter and web3 Twitter.

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