Web3 Gaming Has Many Hurdles To Jump Over Now


  • Web3 gaming is an emerging economy that has yet to take off as it should.
  • Many are skeptical of the industry’s profitability and accessibility, which has caused hesitation from investors and key stakeholders.
  • However, with the right precautions and push from developers, the industry could be a prosperous and fun one to be a part of. Some of the issues facing web3 gaming are accessibility, sustainability, gaming experience, and lack of education.

Why Web3 Gaming is Not Taking Off as it Should

Web3 gaming, also known as blockchain gaming, has been an emerging economy for several years. It offers the opportunity for players to own their in-game assets and the ability to earn money while playing. However, the industry has yet to take off as it should, leaving many to wonder why it has not yet gained the traction that it deserves. Yesterday we spoke on the fact that 2023 will be make or break for web3 gaming, now we want to go deeper into what is needed to make web3 gaming successful. Let’s take a look at the hurdles that need to be jumped this year in order for the emerging market to ever really get its footing.


One of the biggest barriers to entry for web3 gaming is accessibility. In the early days of crypto gaming, play-to-earn games required gamers to invest a lot of money to access the game. For example, to play Axie Infinity, you would have to spend $100+ on Axie NFT characters, which most people do not have the capital to give up, especially if they are just trying the game out. This has improved somewhat over time, but accessibility still remains an issue.


Many have questioned whether the play-to-earn model is sustainable, and with good reason. Many blockchain games have repetitive gameplay, which is why many have associated blockchain gaming with mobile gaming. Moreover, games previously and even currently rely heavily on attracting new players into the ecosystem. Whilst popular at the launch due to marketing and the odd bit of PR here and there, games may prove hard to keep afloat going into the future.

Gaming Experience

Gamers love flashy presentations of games. The Xbox and PlayStation in their current generation offer a realistic immersive experience that is almost like a movie. With how far gaming has come from the 90s and early 2000s, it is astonishing to see the advancements development teams have made. However, when it comes to web3 gaming and play-to-earn, graphics and gameplay still have a long way to go. While the simple presentation of Axie Infinity and even the Minecraft style exhibited in The Sandbox is fun and quirky, we want more going into the future. Players want experiences like Cyberpunk 2077, Grand Theft Auto, and Battlefield with super-realistic gameplay and cutscenes that throw them into the world of the game they are playing.

Lack of Education

Despite the growth of blockchain education in 2023, many are still unaware of the possibilities that web3 gaming offers. The lack of education is often cited as a reason for the slow adoption of blockchain gaming. While the world’s largest exchanges offer incentivized learning experiences for those new to Web3, crypto, or blockchain, many still don’t understand the potential that these technologies offer.

The Need for Traditional Gaming Aspects

To improve the accessibility and sustainability of web3 gaming, traditional gaming aspects need to be implemented. Traditional AAA game creation systems could help the web3 gaming industry develop and grow. Traditional game development is a collaborative process that involves teams of developers, artists, and designers who work together to create a complete gaming experience.

In traditional game development, there is a focus on creating engaging and immersive experiences for players. Developers spend a lot of time designing gameplay mechanics, writing compelling narratives, and creating amazing graphics and animations that are pleasing to the eye. These are the elements that make games fun to play and replayable.

Immersion needed

The Horizon Franchise offers immersion and flashy substance

One area where web3 gaming could benefit from traditional gaming is in the development of compelling narratives. Good storytelling is a critical part of game development, and it is what keeps players engaged and invested in the game

To create such an experience, the web3 gaming industry needs to take notes from the traditional AAA game creation system. AAA games like Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto have set the standard for how a game should look, feel, and play. These games have huge budgets, and their developers are experts in designing high-quality games that offer a captivating and immersive experience for gamers.

In contrast, many web3 games are built on a smaller budget and don’t have the resources to produce the same level of quality as AAA games. This lack of quality is one of the reasons why web3 gaming hasn’t taken off as it should. Gamers have come to expect high-quality graphics, engaging storylines, and exciting gameplay from their games. And while web3 games may be innovative in their use of blockchain technology, they often fall short in terms of traditional gaming aspects.

To make web3 gaming more appealing, developers need to incorporate aspects of traditional gaming into their games. They need to focus on creating immersive and engaging experiences that are on par with AAA games. This will require investing in high-quality graphics, sound design, and storytelling, as well as creating complex game mechanics that challenge players and keep them engaged.

Multiplayer experiences

Destiny 2: Lightfall

Destiny has been successful in implementing all aspects that would make web3 gaming successful

Another aspect of traditional gaming that needs to be implemented in web3 games is a focus on multiplayer experiences. Multiplayer gaming has been popular for years, and many AAA games offer robust online multiplayer modes. Web3 games need to follow suit by creating engaging multiplayer experiences that allow players to connect with each other and compete or cooperate in exciting ways.

Finally, web3 gaming needs to become more accessible to gamers. As mentioned earlier, many early web3 games required a significant investment of money to get started, which made it difficult for casual gamers to get involved. Developers need to create games that are accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Web3 gaming has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry, but it hasn’t taken off as it should. To make web3 gaming more appealing and mainstream, developers need to incorporate aspects of traditional gaming into their games, including high-quality graphics, engaging storytelling, and challenging game mechanics. They also need to create engaging multiplayer experiences and make their games accessible to a wider audience. By doing so, web3 gaming can become a more significant player in the gaming industry and attract a larger audience of gamers who are looking for the next big thing in gaming.

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