Warner Music Eyeing The Metaverse

The music group is now looking to push into web3

Warner Music Group is an entertainment conglomerate that is looking to hire at least two new employees that can develop and manage web3 projects.

The first position will need a person that can create marketing plans for any metaverse brands and platforms created by WMG in the future. The employee will also be tasked with finding new opportunities to build within the metaverse as well, which includes web3 gaming, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality,and more.

For a gamer with crypto knowledge this position may be the gig of a lifetime as the position is also looking for someone with a “strong knowledge” of gaming and an interest in blockchain technology.

The second position open with WMG focuses on strategic business partnerships with web3, metaverse, and gaming fields. The position focuses on brand connection and building with firms, platforms and individuals in the spaces.

With these positions you can see clearly that the Warner Music Group has not lost the plot when it comes to web3 and the future of the internet and entertainment. The company is eyeing the metaverse , NFTs , and gaming. These job openings come directly after their partnership with OpenSea for music NFT drops.

Warner music aims to bolster music fan engagement through their various offerings in web3 and just might be able to do so with their multiple labels such as Atlantic, East West, and Warner Records on board. 

What the metaverese looks like to the Warner Music Group is yet to be seen but the two positions offered showcased a willingness by the company to dive in and find its own narrative

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