VeeFriends Toys Going To Retail 

Gary V’s NFT project VeeFriends has once again evolved. 


Veefriends are among us. The celebrity entrepreneur and investor Gary Vaynerchuk started his project with hand drawn doodles that went from paper to NFTs, which he swore were not a cash grab and has once again moved forward with plans promised before the drop.

Mr. Vaynerchuk plans to make this project into a household name like Hello Kitty, Scooby Doo, The Smurfs, or even Despicable Me minions. There are plans for toys, children’s books, and even an animated series. 

The VeeFriends project has already yielded more than $300 million worth of trading volume and has lead to partnerships and a VeeCon convention.

The NFTs are now being created as toys that will be coming to some major retail stores.

Buying the toys 

The toys will be featured  in America’s top department store chain -Macy’s. VeeFriends will debut its plush and vinyl toys later this month in the retail stores across the country and in the new  Toys”R”Us brand that is re-launching within the department stores this year.

Gary and his VeeFriends

Gary and his VeeFriends toys 

Currently, the toys are based off of 10 of the VeeFriends characters from the collection of 10,200 characters. The toys were designed in a collaboration with Toikido- a toy and entertainment startup.

VeeFriends toys
VeeFriends toys

The first group of toys will be available for sale doing October 17 and will be available via the Macy’s in Toys “R” Us website as well as the VeeFriends website 

VeeFriends was already planned for mainstream since it’s series 2 collection was started. The initial collection of 10,225 Ethereum NFTs was released in 2021. The series 2 is 55,000 new NFTs and have a more polished cartoon look.

The series 2 had to be made more appealing to stand up to the intellectual property by creating more flushed out character designs that could be more marketable.

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