To The MoonBirds

New plans emerge for Kevin Rose and his moonbirds franchise

Web3 startup Proof, the firm known for its valuable Moonbirds NFT collection and headed by Kevin Rose has recently raised $50M. During its Future Proof streaming presentation the company made a lot of announcements about the future and plans for new NFT intitiatives , plans for a token, and their sizable funding.

The company announced a $50 million in funding reached by a Series A funding round that was led by VC giant Andreessen Horowitz. This all comes after another substantial $10 million seed round headed by Seven Seven Six.

This recent Series A was also participated by Seven Seven Six as well as True Ventures, Flamingo DAO, Collab + Currency, SV Angel, and VaynerFund which is headed by Gary Vaynerchuck.

Rose also spoke on the fact that Proof is developing a utility token for its community. He stated that creating a token for the community comes with technological and legal issues that have to be tackled. The token is planned for Q1 2023. According to Rose the token needs to have a real uniquely owned utility and something that pushes what’s possible in new and exciting directions. 

The new Moonbirds project will be called Moonbirds Mythics and will be a collection of 20,000 launching in early 2023. This will be the third NFT pfp project by the company. The new collection will not be a pixel art collection but instead will be hand drawn.Owners of Moonbirds will be able to stake or “nest” the NFT to receive a Mythics NFT as a reward.

Moonbirds have been one of the most valuable NFT collections on the Ethereum chain generating more than $588 million worth of secondary sales since its launch in April. The Moonbirds will be put entirely on-chain so that the smart contract of the project doesn’t call to any external servers.

More information about the project can be found by viewing the video above


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