Ticketmaster creates new ticket collaboration with Dapper Labs

So far five million tickets have been minted

Ticketmaster is the biggest event ticketing company to date and it recently announced a collaboration with Dapper Labs by adopting the Flow blockchain for minting tickets as NFTs.

Dapper Labs is known mostly for its successful NBA Top Shot NFTs which have accumulated over 21 million transactions and $1 billion in total volume traded.There are also plans for a NFL themed NFT project as well.  The company wants to branch out and be seen as more than just a sports NFT platform. 

The NFTs being sold will be used as tickets to enter into the event but after that will serve no real marketable value as they cannot be reused. The asset will primarily function as digital memorabilia or proof of attendance. 

Dapper Labs and Ticketmaster have already had this partnership going quietly in a pilot program. During that program Ticketmaster issued ticket NFTs as memorabilia to attendees of specific events such as the last Super Bowl and the NFL Draft. During this period the collaboration saw the minting of more than 5 million NFTs. This has prompted Ticketmaster to make the collaboration official and place a wallet and marketplace feature directly on the website.

The partnership isn’t complete as Ticketmaster only plans to release tickets for certain select events. Currently there are plans to sell tickets to NFL games , but only 100 of them during the season. NFTs are becoming more of a mainstay in todays world but plans to have them completely replace traditional tickets are not in the pipeline for now.


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