The Steam Dream

Blockchain Steam-like mobile platform is imminent

G-Link is a company that plans to bring a Steam-like system to blockchain gaming. The gaming platform will onbaord web 2.0 users while launching an NFT and token in Q3 2022.

The potential of mobile blockchain gaming has yet to be tapped. With traditional computer gaming on the blockchain still in its early phases, mobile gaming in web3 is even further behind. The growth potential for such a market is immense as traditional web2 mobile gaming is one of the most lucrative markets today. Gaming revenue has gone up 15% year-on-year with U$178.4 Billion in 2021. Blockchain gaming itself has already garnered $2.32 billion as of late 2021 with web3 gaming only making up 1.3% of traditional gaming.

G-Link will require only a web2.0 account registration for users to onboard effortlessly to web3.0. Early investors of the web3 platform will be able to gain a free Chief Toad genesis NFT for privileges made for VIP members, gain access to more G-LINK tokens, and access to free virtual land.

Chief Toad NFT

There are many games that are coming to the platform such as Kartopia- a racing game, Card Master- a collectible card game, SPE Colony- A kingdom-building simulation game, Coin Fishing Frenzy — a simple arcade game, and many more.

G-Link is on a mission to change the environment of play-to-earn which is completely not up to par. The team at G-LINK is committed to releasing casual mid-core games that are interesting and fun to play. The company will also include what has been dubbed “GSWAP” which is a feature that allows the players to switch between games and not lose progress and allows the users to keep the assets they gain during gameplay.

The team at G-Link is laser-focused on helping developers launch their dream games on the platform as well. The platform is designed to aid in tackling two major obstacles which are getting the games to gamers and dealing with the blockchain itself. Building a game is hard work and smaller developers don’t need the hassle of spending so much money to get their games on the blockchain. G-Link eases this issue by being a layer that helps lower fees while letting the developers create the content they want, the incubator of GameFi also grants developers funds for their projects as well. The final step is for G-Link to become the game store for players to go to when searching for and discovering new titles.

The NFT that will be first for G-Link is its Chief Toad NFT. This is a utility-first platform NFT which gives. holders instant access to the gameverse platform built by the team. The extra benefits of the NFT include the ability to create guilds, higher in-game earnings, and early access to games in beta and virtual land sales. The NFT will be offered July 5–7 2022 and will sell for .08–.1 ETH more details of the NFT can be found on the website of the drop.