The Sandbox and Decentraland Refute Claims their Metaverses Are Basically Empty

The numbers lie… this time

The Sandbox and Decentraland, both Ethereum-based Metaverse protocols have snapped back at those reporting the platforms are close to death. Various reports have stated that the platforms have low daily user activity. The two metaverses argue that the metrics used to measure each of the platform’s daily users were “misinformed.”

The originator of the drama was DappRadar which suggested that Decentraland only had 38 active visitors a day while the platform had a $1.2 billion market cap and The Sandbox only had 522 active visitors a day.

“ Decentraland ( $MANA ) has 30 Daily Active Users

and a $1.2 Billion Market Cap

— SHAKE (@0x_shake) October 6, 2022”

On October 8 Decentraland replied to the statement by saying that “some websites are tracking only specific smart contract transactions but reporting them as daily active users” stating that this tactic was inaccurate.

The Decentraland account went on to explain real metrics in the following tweet saying there were more than 50K Monthly Active Users, with 1.074 of those users interacting with the smart contracts and more metrics that went against what the original report by DappRadar had to say. The Decentraland team suggested using DAO grantee DCL metrics to better track the daily information.

The CEO of The Sandbox, Arthur Madrid also tweeted about the report, in his response there was an image showing the metrics for their third season of the Alpha build. 

Both platforms have shown numbers that contrast with those of DappRadar and other reporters so those that believe in the metaverse can have a collective sigh of relief, the metaverse isn’t and metaverse projects aren’t going anywhere.

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