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NFT giving power to write comedy

Mila Kunis is in kahoots with the Solana family. That sounds like a wacky tagline to write when talking about Solana but the fact is a cartoon is soon on the way based off of a cartoon created by Kunis’ production studio 6th Wall/Orchard Farm Productions.

The comedy, created by the team at Toonstar, a Web3 animation studio, and produced in partnership with Sixth Wall, the digital arm of Mila Kunis’ Orchard Farm Productions tells a fantastical story about three washed-up wrestlers from the Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling League that bring in a rookie to spice things up and become relevant again.



The cartoon has elements of many popular adult themed cartoons such as South Park, Bojack Horseman and The Simpsons with gritty jokes and themes. Mila Kunis,who since 1999 has voiced Meg Griffin on the Fox animated series Family Guy, claimed the team at Toonstar has the ouright greatest web3 project in that it is the funniest.

NFT sales

The project itself is very interesting as Kunis and her team are planning to sell the NFT for free plus the Solana fees, and those that have the NFT will have access to the episdes before everyone else and access to decisions made about the story of the show. At the end of each episode there will be decision choices a la Netflix’s Bandersnatch that will allow the NFT holders to decide where the story will go.

The NFT are being offered as a free mint which is very rare for projects on the Solana blockchain.The team believes that by offering the NFT for free more people can join in on the fun of the blockchain and start to be involved in the growth of web3.

This project follows in the footsteps of Stoner Cats which also involved Kunis and was an Ethereum based project that sold for $785 each . The Stoner Cats NFT also gave the holders the utility of story control as well but The Gimmicks is doing without the requirement of such a hefty sum. The goal of a free mint is to build a larger project with the belief that monetary gains can be made much later on various other avenues. The Gimmicks will also feature an on-chain social layer called “DIC Punch” — the acronym referring to a Decentralized Inclusive Community and clever play on words.

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