The Community Of Helium Approves Move To Solana

Helium network to ditch its own blockchain in favor of a different one.

Helium is a blockchain-based network that was built off the trust and participation of its community. The network was powered by wireless communication protocols that were powered by hubs owned by thousands of individual users. It seems now that purpose-built layer 1 blockchain will be moved to Solana

The IoT or Internet Of Things was created by using devices, sensors, and trackers with over 950,000 nodes, or hotspots, in play-all being incentivized with tokens to reward the user for participation and building of the network.

The powers that be at Helium made an announcement earlier this month that stated they were interested in moving to Solana. The community vote was initiated and a total of 7,447 votes were made and ended this Thursday morning. The result was an 81.41% support for what was being called the “Helium Improvement Proposal.”

Solana will be the new home for Helium and the blockchain was designed to support massively scaling decentralized apps, or dApps. The blockchain is currently the ninth-largest blockchain and has a capitalization of $11.3 billion at the time of this writing. 

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This news comes right after more news of the Helium network’s creator, Nova Labs, brokering a deal with T-mobile to launch Helium Mobile, which will be a 5G wireless service for smartphones. 

Solana is also coming out with the Solana phone but not a service, the phone itself will be web3 capable and built upon the Solana Mobile Service platform, this is not to be confused as a wireless service from Soalna however, it would appear both parties stand to benefit directly from this new partnership.

COO of the Helium Foundation, Scott Siegel, believes that moving to Solana will all Helium to realize “an ambitious mission of deploying and managing wireless networks at a scale” He also made the following statement

“Solana has a proven track record powering some of the world’s most important decentralized initiatives and they were an obvious choice for us to partner with. Moving to the Solana blockchain allows us to focus our efforts on scaling the network as opposed to managing the blockchain itself,”

The Helium foundation suggests the migration will provide users with. Better access in the form of hardware and software wallets, DeFi, NFT marketplaces, and composability with other applications in the Solana ecosystem- hmm sounds like Saga to us.


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