Stepn Denies Reports of Layoffs

Company says its actively hiring

Stepn has been quietly building as of late. There were reports from teh South China Morning Post and Wu Blockchain that suggested the company had just finished laying off 100 contract workers which included community moderators and ambassadors. A spokesperson for Stepn recently refuted these claims saying that they were baseless and factually inaccurate.

In a response it was explained that Stepn has a tendency to end partnerships with volunteer MODs that have become inactive for a few weeks or months. The spokesperson stated that Stepn is actually looking to hire more employees for several different roles within the company.

Since its inception Stepn has enjoyed a good amount of popularity among the athletic web3 community. The app revealed that users logged into the platform and have traveled collectively more than 67 million miles through the app. Another milestone is the 47.2 million users registered to the platform. 

There have been questions about the company, its token model and the proof for a sustained revenue generation. The company hinted that there would be changes coming that would address those questions but at the time of this writing there has been nothing said yet.

The company stated that there is more to come after they created STEPN and DOOAR explaining that they are going to expand the Finda Satoshi Lab Family and building more of their vision. The company is also moving its headquarters to Hong Kong’s cyberport from Australia. Some see this as a very bold move since other companies are feelings the difficult regulatory environment of the city.

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