Stepn Collabs with Atlético de Madrid 

New NFT collab launched bringing 1,001 exclusive NFT soccer boots to Stepn.

Spanish Soccere team Atlético de Madrid and Whalefin an all-in-one crypto exchange are poised to release a collection of 1,001 NFTs for the Stepn platform. The NFTs will come in the shape of soccer boots. 

Stepn is a Solana-based move-to-earn app that encourages users to gain a better body while earning tokens at the same time that can then be used to earn what they call Green Satoshi Tokens (GST). Those tokens can then be put in a DeFi market such as Orca and trade for SOL.

The platform is all about movement and the more you move the more you are able to earn.

The app already attracted 3 million users in the first 6 months of operation. The GST token was high and the barrier to entry was as well, some sneakers were as high as $600. Earning the GST token gave the user the ability to create their own NFT shoe and sell it on secondary markets. The token has seen a dive in value and thus the barrier to entry has become much lower as well.

In order to play on the Stepn app an user needs to purchase a pair of shoes, the prices of these NFTs are comparable to real-life athletic shoes that you can purchase in a brick and mortar store.

The boots offered by Atlético de Madrid have tiered levels starting at common and ending in rare.  There are 850 common boots and they are themed around the international and national titles of the sports club. The 140 uncommon boots are inspired by the stadiums used by the athletic group and the 11 rare boots are based on the starting squad of the team.

The boots are considered a “Genesis” offering in that they come with new exclusive rewards within Stepn and they also give users rewards within Whalefin.

Another bonus to owning the NFT is being entered into a drawing for a vacation and hotel accommodations which will include tickets to a match at Atlético de Madrid’s home stadium in Civitas Metropolitano. Those that hold the uncommon boots will get an official shirt and rare boot holders will recieve a shirt with an official autograph.

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