Square Enix becomes validator for Oasys

Square Enix continues to show just how web3-positive it is. The company has joined the gaming blockchain Oasys as the final validator ahead of its public launch. 

The company joins other gaming companies that have also signed up to be validators, companies such as SEGA, Bandai Namco, Ubisoft, Yield Guild Games, WeMade,NEOWIZ, Netmarble and Com2Us.

Square Enix has continued to push forward with initiatives to build upon their web3 portfolio. The company has released a Final Fantasy 7 themed NFT collection. The company has also stated plans to explore the feasibility of harnessing user contributions in the developments of new games on the Oasys blockchain as well. The company fully believes in exploring decentralized gaming and states it would be a theme going forward for the company. Square Enix launched its own Blockchain Entertainment Business Division back in April.

Square Enix joins the likes of Epic Games in the pursuit of web3 gaming accessibility. Epics announced in June it would deliver its first web3 game and has done so with Blankos Block Party just released this month. Epic has also funded Animoca Brands subsidiary Grease Monkey Games for their development of a web3 play-and-earn reaching game soon to be released.

The view of web3 is not all positive in the big gaming ecosystem but as many companies show their disapproval more show interest in this growing technology and emerging economy.

Square Enix

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