Breaking Records on the Solana Blockchain

The NFT market has seen massive growth. We know this due to the past couple of months. From apes making millions to little monsters making billions and providing secondary income to many people globally, NFTs have proven utility and benefits to ownership.

No one blockchain has benefitted from the explosive growth of NFTs than the Ethereum blockchain. Axie Infinity has been a powerhouse for Ethereum adoption and users holding assets. Now, there may be a bit of a level playing field-Solana may finally have its own “Axie destroying” app in Solchicks.


To the Moon indeed..


The Play-To-Earn game in question is “Solchicks” a project launched on Solana with superpowered cute little chicks dressed in human clothes. SolChicks is a Play-to-earn MMORPG/MOBA game on the Solana blockchain. The project is spending the last few days before its highly anticipated IDO launch breaking a few records this past week. Socially records have been surpassed with the following: Twitter followers increased from 26k to 122k (+369%), Telegram followers increased from 13k to 100k (+669%), Discord from 66k to 100k (+52%), and SolChicks ) — this is massive growth and has all indications of a project that may be just as big as Axie. There is even a token associated with the game with the name of $CHICKS which can be collected, traded, staked, and sold just like AXS or SLP.



The demo available on the website attracted more than 50K visitors in its first week. This would be amazing in itself but the project has continued to break even more records.

  • The NFT Floor Price dramatically increased from 1.8 SOL to 15 SOL This is a growth of +733%, a figure that can’t be ignored.
  • The game launched on a record-breaking number of launchpads. With over 30 launchpad participants, including most of the major launchpads across all blockchains, This was one of the largest launches in NFL history.
  • Some SolChicks that have sold for more than $35,000, are the ones with rare traits.

SolChicks received support from more than 300 private investors in its public round of fundraising including Spartan Group, AU21, Sky Vision Capital, Shima Capital, MantraDAO, Solar Eco Fund, Blocore, AirAngels, GoldenTree, GD10, MetaVest Capital, and Master Ventures, totaling $20 Million.


Heard of turtle power?? This is Chicken power!


SolChicks is conducting its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) across 30 launchpads. With a public price of just $0.05 per token, including Lightning Launchpad, Trustpad, NFTPad, Samurai Cyberfi, Game Station, TruePnL Launchpad, StarTerra, GameFi, RedKite, A2DAO, PAID Ignition, PAID India, Bull Perks, Solster, TrustSwap, MetaPlay, Oxbull, CoinxPad, Synapse, BSCLaunch, Super Launcher, Lithium, Intersolar, AnyPad, Communitas, Matic Launch, CafeSwap, LaunchZone, Rosen Pad, PlayPad, and Multipad.

Ethereum has had its killer news-making dapp and now it appears Solana may have one of its own, thus further cementing Solana as a strong competitor to the Ethereum blockchain.

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