SolChicks Are Upon Us!

Long Awaited Play-To-Earn Game Opening in Closed Beta

New Game+

What began as a project to rival that of Axie Infinity is finally bearing fruit. Solchicks has the ambition and drive to become the best play-and-earn RPG on the Solana blockchain. The game will see users make use of their adorable hero “chicks” in an immersive RPG game metaverse.

The beta of the game will be only available via the Solchick NFT so you must hold one in order to play. The game will be available on PC and android devices and will be launched on the 15th of October 2022.Those who want to participate can register on the website. 

Solchicks closed beta on website

Change the game

Catheon gaming  is the name of the company that has created Solchicks and the team has plans to “change gaming” on the blockchain.  The team hopes the closed beta will give more of a sneak peek to a committed audience, showcasing how far the game has come with development so far. The closed beta will be used to find any remaining final bugs before the game is fully rolled out.

During the beta , which will last three days, there won’t be any integration into the blockchain. Players will not need to connect their wallets or port over any NFT assets. They will instead be given special login instructions followed by a random Solchick being assigned to them for gameplay, all progress will be deleted after the three day period.

Gamers will have the opportunity to play the fist three chapters of the Solchicks Saga. Players will do this by controlling Talonyr the main protagonist of the story as he traverses Planet Mellow on his adventure. There will be teams of five hat can enter into battle and players will need to be strategic in the formation of their squads.

Experience is gained in the game by vanquishing evil monsters and finishing quests. Upon finishing these quests players are rewarded with weapons, equipment, or cosmetic items. The more you play the harder levels get so earning gear that can level up your chick is crucial. The developers are promising a challenge and lots to see and do stating more than 50 stages have been created for players, each with their own master monster. 

The game will give the player the ability to mint all in-game assets as they play. When you beat a monster or open a treasure chest that item becomes yours and users are able to trade them in a bespoke marketplace.

Create A Buzz

This new game will get people talking. The game is almost a year in the making and those early investors have been waiting patiently to see more of the project they have believed in. Not many NFT projects that promised a game afterwards have been able to fully deliver but it seems Solchicks is ready to do so in a big way.

Very experienced artists have been given teh job of overlaying various pre-designed attributes on the base Solchick character. Players are going to be rewarded for their time and commitment as well.

The team bringing the game to life consists of more than 100 people , all with a proven track record  and a long-term vision of where the game needs to go in the future. 

You can learn more about Solchicks on their website.

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