Solana has yet another outage.

Even after the update that was supposed to end all of this 


There was another outage on the Solana ecosystem, as a node that was misconfigured is to blame for the situation. This caused the network to stop processing transactions and go offline this past Friday. This outage marks the fourth major outage of the blockchain.

This outage is nearly a year after the 18-hour outage that occurred in September. The “crypto winter” has seen Solana lose more than half of the value it gained in late 2021 losing at a rate of 81%.  

The outage happened this past Friday at 7:01pm EST. The Solana Status site that is operate and by the Solana Foundation posted that the network was “experiencing degraded performance” shortly after that it was posted that Solana was experiencing an outage and not processing any more transactions.

Shortly thereafter it was announced that things were going to come back online and a “misconfigured node” was to blame for the situation.

So What happened?

It would appear a validator was running a duplicate validator instance, for the exact same slot, some validators saw the original slot and some validators saw the other , there was a “disagreement” and then there was an issue.

At that point an unrecoverable partition or fork was created. After the situation was discovered and cleared developers restarted the Solana mainnet network at the last confirmed slot 153139220.  Solana was down for a few hours and has since been restarted.

Solana Labs

The team at Solana Labs did not make a direct announcement regarding the situation at the time, though Anatoly Yakovenko , founder of Solana Labs, has called outages “our curse” when speaking of the blockchain and his company.

Solana Labs recently updated the software for Solana in an attempt to save the blockchain from issues just like this. As more outages occurs the value of the token will continue to take a hit,if this cannot be rectified then the Ethereum killer will eventually end up killing itself

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