Singaporean Wedding Held In The Metaverse

In a collaborative effort of 1-Group, Smobler Studios, and The Sandbox, a couple has been able to tie the knot successfully online in a metaverse wedding. 

metaverse wedding

1-Group, based in Singapore, is the leading independent lifestyle Food and Beverage group operating a diverse portfolio of amazing new concepts which are restaurants , chic cafes, throbbing bars and clubs, romantic wedding and solemnization spaces, and venues for corporate events-all award-winning.  The company has been witness to first dates, anniversaries, birthday parties, and even funerals. There are over 26 distinctly recognizable F&B concepts and brands that are housed by the company’s 8 Iconic & Heritage outlets.

Smobler Studios is a metaverse architecture and creative design agency that is also based in Singapore. The company specializes in creative ideation, design, thinking, brand marketing and metaverse development for The Sandbox Game. The company is backed by The Sandbox and Brinc.  

The first Singaporean Metaverse wedding was recently held in The Sandbox as well as in real life as a collective virtual space.  Things that were not possible before in Asian weddings are now very possible in the metaverse 

The groom was Clarence Chan, CEO of Bandwagon a. Singapore-headquartered music media company. Mr.Chan was the lucky groom married to his wife Joanne Tham and the theme of the wedding was 70s Disco Glam. The wedding was held virtually in the Alkaff Mansion.

The Akalf Mansion is European styled and has a sort of Spanish flair to it. The venue has seen multiple weddings take place there and is one of the more. higher classed venues.  The venue is adorned with a Gazebo and European styled fences with amazing outdoor spaces.

For the wedding Smobler Studios made assets through The Sandbox that recreated the mansion and its distinct architecture. The virtual guests of the wedding were able to explore the mansion fully as they participated as 70s themed avatars dancing to the music. The Co-Founder and COO of the Sandbox Sebastian Borge officiated the wedding , pronouncing the couple man and wife.

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The avatars of the groom and bride were specially customized fitting the personalities of the real-life newlyweds. The couple shared a first kiss in the metaverse cementing the virtual vows after that the couple left the virtual space to continue their real-life wedding.

Virtual weddings allow the couples to do as much or as little as they want, as far as the imagination goes there is no limit to what can be done in a virtual wedding.

Smobler Studios was very happy to be able to work with The Sandbox and 1-Group on this project for the first ever metaverse wedding in Singapore and the Managing Director of 1-Group , Joseph Ong stated it was a privilege to host the couple on their special day.

1-Group plans to continue to partner with Smobler Studios on more events and weddings in the future as 

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