Shemaroo says “Let’s Go To The Movies”

Shemaroo brings Cinema to the metaverse.

Movies online 

The idea of the metaverse is to be able to do anything you dream of online , in a virtual world where the sky’s the limit.  Imagine meeting friends from around the world and then having fun with them even when you are thousands of miles away. What if you lived in Canada and you met the girl of your dreams online but she lives in Japan, how would a date go? Well, how about taking her to see a film!

Shemaroo is bringing that possibility to you as they become the first to open a movie cinema in the metaverse Decentraland. 

Shemaroo Theatre 

The Shemaroo Theatre will be accessible on the metaverse platform in a partnership with Filmrare which is a leading metaverse Consulting and Development company. The partnership will open with a huge collection of Bollywood content for everyone to enjoy. 

Shemaroo will present the virtual visitors a new experience that will feature a plush lobby, box office counter, virtual trailer zones, popcorn and drinks counters , and immersive storytelling. A new Bollywood movie will be placed every Friday beginning on the 7th of October and will be free initially.

Shemaroo will use the platform to continue their goal of “being pioneers in the entertainment industry” according to Hiren Ganda, CEO of Shemaroo Entertainment. Ganda went on to state “ Shemaroo has always fostered the culture of innovation and technology and with the augment of Shemaroo Theatre on Decentraland Metaverse, we will be spearheading a parallel ecosystem for Bollywood movies to be experienced on a big screen , now from the comfort of one’s home”

Ravi Krishnan, Founder of Filmrare added “ At Filmrare, we are laser-focused on helping brand enter the metaverse. We are innovative and pay attention to every detail and are focused on creating quality venues in the Metaverse”

This is Shemaroo’s 60th year and web3 being utilized to expand helps the company be poised to lead the transformation of the entire media sector if other entertainment entities accept the technology.

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