School Of Block

Minecraft-styled crypto school just launched. 

The Sandbox continues to work with multiple projects to bring more awareness to web3 and crypto. The team at Sandbox has recently teamed up with Ledger to bring forth a platform that is focused on education in the popular metaverse world.

The project was created with Swipe Back, a metaverse agency and co-creator. Ledger set up shop in The Sandbox and the school is a Minecraft-styled offering that teachers about the blockchain , its problems and benefits all while giving users the ability to earn NFTs along the way. All of this can be done without using a crypto wallet.

The new school is called “School of Block”  a nod to the “School of Rock” title and the blockchain.

The School of Block will put users into games and fun challenges that will educate them on how to protect themselves from scams in crypto. The gamified method is used to get younger web3 enthusiasts entertained and educated at the same time. Ledger has focused on creating a fun, interactive way to teach the masses about the dangerous aspects of the crypto world. 

The education aspect is not the only part of the project. The game will also have multiple adventures that will give the user exclusive NFTs as rewards.

Mo El-Sayed, Head of Education and Community at Ledger had this to say:

“Education today is outdated, boring, and overly complex. We are thrilled to bring truly Web3 educational tools to our Ledgerverse with game architects like Swipe Back and a truly immersive platform such as The Sandbox,” 

The school is available now via The Sandbox and its season 3 offerings.

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