Roblox is serious about The Metaverse

Young gamers are the main market for Roblox and the company is all about using the metaverse

Roblox has a vision that is very detailed. The vision is to foray into the metaverse adding social gaming and top 3D artists, programmers, builders, and content creators.

The company also plans to use the platform for the Immersive Ads it plans to launch next year. The company stated that Brands and developers will be able to use the platform to build ad experiences that are new and have never been seen before. Some of the ideas include portals that transport users between various experiences in the metaverse. 

The plans of Roblox will create tons of new opportunities for creators, marketers,developers, and gamers to gain revenue more effectively.

There is a current user base of 58.5 million users active daily on the platform in more than 180 countries and the chat function of Roblox is being updated to better allow for more dynamic functions and better chat, one function available will be voice enabled chat for those users that are 13 and older. So far there are 1 million experiences on Roblox that use this.

The next idea is to use a webcam to capture your face and add facial movements to your avatar while you speak. This will involve adding a new layer of immersion and deep connection. The gaming platform will release Facial Animations in the marketplace. This will allow users to create avatars that are able to fully express themselves with a wide range of expressions. 

Roblox has been a successful metaverse for years now and new ideas have been created to keep the platform in the race for top metaverse.

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