Quentin Tarantino settles with Miramar

The prolific movie director settles NFT lawsuit.

An NFT lawsuit between Quentin Tarantino and movie studio Miramax has been settled. The lawsuit was over NFTs based on the cult-classic movie Pulp Fiction. A recent court filing states the sides will request dismissal of the suit in the coming weeks and there was a joint statement offered.

The legal face-off has been put between the two entities  as the parties have both agreed to put the matter behind them.  

Details of the settlement have not been released but there seems to be no refusal from Miramax against the selling of the NFTs by Tarantino. The NFTs aren’t necessarily making a lot of money at the time of this writing.

The lawsuit started when Miramax took Tarantino to court in California in order to shut Tarantino down from selling one of a kind digital assets inspired by the film. The studio, once owned by Harvey Weinstein, stated that all things Pulp Fiction belonged to them, this was of course disputed by Tarantino.

Tarantino stated that his NFT did not infringe upon the copyright Miramax had as the NFTs were images based on the screenplay and not the film. Miramax countered with the statement that whatever limited rights Tarantino had did not permit the minting of unique NFTs associated with the IP.

The first NFT of the collection sold for $1.1 million.

The NFTs were introduced at a time when NFTs were producing a mania,late 2021. The case could have had other implications as other movie studios have sold NFTs to promote their movies such as Warner Brothers selling NFTs to promote the new Matrix movie.

Tarantino and Miramax met last week and during that meeting a settlement was probably discussed. The case is now very unlikely to go to trial, the cratering of the NFT market as of late might have something to do with things as well.

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