Paris Hilton to sell NFT on The Sandbox

“That’s hot!”

Socialite queen Paris Hilton is set to have a social event at her Virtual Malibu Mansion on The Sandbox. The celebrity and her 11:11 Media company are expanding Paris World on the metaverse.

The metaverse platform The Sandbox enjoys multiple themed activities throughout the year with multiple projects featuring big celebrities. Celebs such as Snoop Dogg own their own plot of land on the metaverse platform and have had online meetings and parties in the web3 universe. With over 300 partners including brands such as Gucci, Adidas, BAYC, and World of Women, the metaverse platform is no stranger to big events and names participating in collaborations. Sales of land on The Sandbox are still leading with Decentraland being a close second. 

The Sandbox announced a Paris Hilton  avatar and parcels of LAND themed around fashion, music , and animals- all which are part of the heiresses brand. Paris is offering her fans and opportunity to connect with her via her virtual Malibu Mansion. At the mansion Mrs. Hilton will hold social events and parties. Currently there are plans for a Halloween party. 

Paris World had initially opened on the popular gaming metaverse Roblox last New Year’s Eve. The DJ, Reality show star, and Heiress to the Hilton empire plans to open her brand to as many metaverse projects as possible but has not spoken on exactly which ones she wants to be on. Paris also explained that monetary gains are not the point at the moment, instead focusing on experiences. She did, however, state that there will be digital wearables with different brands on sale as well as NFTs inspired by her likeness on The Sandbox.

Paris Hilton is known for many things, her career has been filled with many big events. Currently the heiress is mostly known as a NFT influencer and investor of web3 technology. She released her first NFT in 2019 and sold it for charity in March 2020, this move netted her the best Charity NFT award and the NFT awards ceremony. Mrs. Hilton launched another NFT collection in collaboration with the designer Blake Kathryn for a 1/1 art piece that sold for 1,111 ETH. 

Paris has shown how serious she is about web3 and the future of the platform and has joined Origin Protocol as an advisor and investor. Finally she has launched an NFT series titled “Paris:Past Lives, New Beginnings” that is currently on the Origin Story marketplace.

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