OnePlanet completes Migration to Polygon

The company seeks to become the top gaming destination.

Formerly known as the Terra NFT marketplace, OnePlanet has completed its planned migration to Polygon. The marketplace had over 60 Terra-based NFT collections all scheduled to be moved over to the Polygon chain after the fall of the Terra blockchain. 

OnePlanet was able to secure a partnership with Polygon Studios quickly after the collapse of Terra this past May. The entirety of OnePlanet will be migrated to the Polygon sidechain. Polygon Studios had provided technical and financial support through a Terra Developer Fund initiative.

The original code was rewritten to be compatible with EVM and is now ready to facilitate the merging of the Terra NFT ecosystem into Polygon. Polygon has been known to be a leader in NFT and blockchain gaming. 

OnePlanet quickly became the top NFT marketplace for Terra after its launch this past January. The company received funding from Hashed, Animoca Brands, Galaxy Interactive and other VC and private investors. The collection of OnePlanet is highly curated and the website offers gamified live auctions and “Forge Protocols” that add utility to users’ NFTs.  The platform also offered a launchpad with its high-quality marketplace. OnePlanet aims to repeat the success it had on Terra on Polygon.

Currently on Polygon OnePlanet has done great work to connect with the community. There is a relationship with Derby Stars which is a P2E blockchain-based gaming project. There are also more partnerships with DAVA, The MARs, TRACER and many other Polygon-based games and projects.


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