NFTs Allow For Next Level Ownership

Blockhaus Founder speaks on the magic of NFTs.

The NFT technology is one that has been touted as the wave of the future by some and a giant scam by many others. The technology is not new by any means but is indeed seeing a bit of a resurgence in popularity in the past few years.  NFTs are being used currently to improve all interactivity by allowing users to unlock experiences that are only available to the community and holders of the technology. 

Gamers will see a new era where the games they pay also provide ownership and passive income.

The technology has been stated to give the player more control and more rewards. Instead of playing games and “wasting time” players will see their time being used in a more valued capacity. NFTs and digital assets have created a new meaning for “ownership “ in the gaming space. 

Currently many popular games thrive off of a “live-service” method, this is a game that has years of gameplay planned through months or years of downloadable content. These games offer players rewards in the form of loot for their characters,new costumes, weapons, etc but besides looking cool they don’t really do much for rewarding the player for their time and energy input into the game. 

NFTs allow for gamers to be incentivized for their gameplay making the costumes, weapons or other assets earned in game become the actual property of the player and allowing that player to use the assets to trade, sell, or earn.

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Blokhaus Inc. has recently released Blockxer-a new blockchain game in which every component of the game is an NFT and available for modification by the players.

Next Level Ownership

A character from Blockxer- a beat-‘em-up based on Tezos.

The found of Blokhaus Mark Soares explained that having everything be an NFT allows for a truly “bespoke” gaming experience. Everything in the game is an NFT including the background, characters, assets, and more. 

“Imagine the ability to create your own characters, in your own scene, and the ability to gift or sell these mods as an NFT pack to other players”

Soares spoke in regards to the game and NFTs in general

Soares stated that thinking of NFTs too simplistically is the issue and that is the main problem with gaming on the blockchain currently. 

“Usually they are just add-ones, rewards or badges for games that you can purchase- we think they can and should be so much more”

he stated

NFTs allow for the future of gaming to be much different than what is currently seen as the norm, as the technology grows the potential soars and only the imagination can be the limit.

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