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Meta History puts Ukrainian heroes in the spotlight with Ai illustrated NFTs of events of the Russia-Ukraine War

Neuron Art is trending and with that trend comes the true knowledge of what is happening in the Russian-Ukrainian war. The true history of the war can be learned with the art as AI created illustrated art reports on the most important events during this war. The Neuron Art platform has been doing this for a month now.

The events of the Ukraine-Russia war are the 4th drop in the NFT collection entitled “Warline.” Warline belongs to the META HISTORY museum. The project turns all events into works of art as the last piece in the collection will focus on the victory or end of the war.


The collection focuses on proven facts that are used to counter the false propaganda sent out by the Russian media. The funds are raised to be used for humanitarian efforts to aid those during this time of war. The previous 3 collections of the Warline NFT collection have works of over 200 Ukrainian and foreign artists, all of which have been tokenized, this drop was created using ZibraAI which is a deep-tech startup focused on creating AI-based tech for the game industry.

The images in the 4th drop which made use of the ZibraAI technology were made with a neural network that created all images from news texts which were carefully selected by the META HISTORY to accurately portray the true image of war in the embattled region.

This is a new area of expertise for most of the META HISTORY team as many of the specialists involved are mostly involved in the making of AAA-class video games. Some of them create products using unreal engine 

The company just recently received a very large grant from Epic Games to continue in their mission. The ZibraAI technology was created by a team of 3 and it took about 1.5-2 months for the process to be completed. During the time of debugging the AI was able to create images similar to the ones you can see in the collection. The original artwork was more distorted but after some tweaking the AI was able to create art that is purchaseable. 

The money made on the sales of the NFT go directly to “Unchain” a blockchain charity fund which is one of Ukraines biggest fundraising platforms at the moment. The fund is part of the online charity Both of the organizations work to solve issues that are socially important and that Ukrainians are finding hard to deal with due to the harsh atmosphere created now because of the war. The artwork comes with receipts in real-time so buyers can see where their funds are being channeled. 

META HISTORY has currently channeled more than $1.3 million to state charities and initiatives that are focused on helping the families and victims in Ukraine. This NFT project is the biggest project NFT project with government support as the Ministry of Culture of Ukrainian fully supports it officially. META HISTORY is being touted as a project that is aiding in restoring the country.

The founder of the META HISTORY museum who goes by VK has made a statement:

“This is the greatest war in the new history of Europe, which is leaving behind a terrible mark. In response, we will create the largest charitable NFT platform. Not only in Ukraine, but in the whole world, I hope. Because the need to rebuild our country and to return its cultural values will demand funds for years to come. And we believe that the NFT-community, which values creativity, freedom, and art so much, will support us like no other and will respond to our call for help”,

Registrations are open now and the first 800 people to register will receive a free mint. 

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