New AI Tool Created by Mona Aids In Online World Building

Allowing creators to generate textures via text

Mona, a metaverse platform has recently launched a new AI tool designed to aid builders in creating more realistic objects in online environments. The new platform was launched this Thursday and is ready for use at the time of this article. The AI Material Designer allows the generation of textures using a text description instead of a code opening it up for more users to take advantage of the tools provided by the company.

The generator is currently only limited to creating materials but the co-founder and CEO Justin Melillo stated the technology to generate entire 3D items is already possible today but has yet to release these tools to the public. He stated that the tools will be implemented a bit later as they are still not where the company wants them to be for public use. According to Melillo, the company is not too far away from allowing users the ability to generate assets and entire worlds using Ai inside of the Mona platform.

Using AI to create art is not necessarily new but the technology is enjoying renewed interest as projects such as Dall-E2 now allow users to sign up and take advantage of the platform to create various types of art using text descriptions. There are other platforms such as Stable Diffusion– which has a database being used by Mona- and Midjourney which use the same “prompt”  system as Dall-E2.

Tons of Users

There is a wide user base for technology such as the ones offered by the aforementioned companies. Midjourney has only launched an open beta in July of 2022 and Currently, Now in October 2022, there are a total of 3.2 million members on the Discord server with users sharing their “prompts” or text descriptions to create art.

There are many users ready to use the technology but the issue of validity and fairness comes to mind. Can art created by an AI be used for monetary gain, would it be fair for an artist to be able to use the technology and then claim the art as their own? One such issue arose in Colorado when Jason M. Allen, a popular artist used Midjourney to create art for the Colorado State Fair’s art competition. He ended up winning the competition for emerging digital artists but despite the fact he made it absolutely clear his art was the product of using AI he faced severe backlash.

Mona tool in acton image provided by mona

Mona tool in action image provided by Mona

Mona sees the tool it offers as a way for builders to quickly build in the metaverse as that is no simple task. “Imagine using AI to create your digital hangout space, home, or world. This is only the beginning of AI-human creative collaboration” said Matt Hoerl- COO and co-founder of Mona.

Making creativity easier is one of the major focuses of many companies as of late. There are platforms that have made graphic arts easier such as Canva and even platforms that allow for the creation of music using AI. With the ongoing building that is being done for the metaverse reducing some of the stress and time associated with the building has become a welcome addition to the web3 world.

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