NEAR Unveils $100M VC Fund That Targets Web3 Culture and Entertainment

In a collaboration with Caerus Ventures 

A $100 million venture capital fund and venture lab has been created by the Near Foundation in collaboration with Caerus Ventures, a Swiss organization that is behind the Near Protocol.

The fund has an initial closing of $50 million and a target of $100 million for a seed series A investment round and the fund will be anchored by NEAR. This fund will make use of what is called the venture lab which will cooperate with many different creators and talent to conceive, validate, test, and build on the blockchain and create the next wave of platforms and offerings.

Caerus Ventures is new to the crypto sphere. The newly launched investment firm is led by Nathan Pillai , an IMG executive. The main goal of the investment firm is to catalyze the rise of the newest innovations in web3 with a focus on music, sports, arts, and fashion. 

Pillai spoke on intellectual property and how he believes creators should get paid a fair share due to the work they put in on creating content. 

“I believe talent and intellectual property (IP) creators need to have a more equitable share of value that is created, and for this, to be then shared amongst consumers and fans.”

A focus on the deepening of engagement and rewards is part of the objective driving Caerus Ventures and the company is actively seeking collaboration with a music streaming service that will allow users to invest in an artist and benefit from that artists success.

The CEO of Near Foundation, Marieke Flament , stated the NEAR team decided to work with Caerus because their objectives aligned perfectly. In a statement to press Flament made the following remarks. 

“We are both trying to reinvent what it means to be a creator, They have a uniquely differentiated proposition and robust investment thesis predicated on the tokenization of entertainment.”


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