Minting at Tiffany’s 

250 high-priced ultra limited edition NFTS

Luxury goods giants Tiffany & Co has been a leader for more than a century and now the high tag brand is launching its own NFTs.  The 250 strong collection has been hinted at having the moniker NFTiff.

The NFT will not be a normal price as most NFT launches have been around the $400-$500 mark on ETH and a bit less on SOL. This NFT will come at a massive 30 ETH price point , being $51K at prices for today.

The NFTiff is also promising special NFTs to customers that also hold a Cryptopunk as those holders will receive a bespoke pendant shaped after the NFT and an additional virtual representation of it.

The supply is limited thus the rarity of the project is set and has been hinted at not being the only one. The company has been looking into getting into web3 for a while with their entry into NFTs with their purchase of an Okapi NFT from Tom Sachs for a reported $380,000 which has since then become the twitter profile image of the company.

Tiffany & Co. then launched TiffCoins which was a limitied series of 499 gold coins at and were produced and individually engraved. The coins were not a cryptocurrency but a real limited release of 18k gold coins. 

The company is also not new to creating CryptoPunks jewelry as they created a pendant for Alexandre Arnault the Vice President of products and communications for Tiffany & Co.The pendant was the likeness of CryptoPunk #3167 which belongs to Arnault.

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