METAT8 Esports Sports Dominates Axie Infinity World Championship

New Champions crowned in Axie Infinity Battle 

“If we don’t own it , we don’t play” is the slogan of METAT8 , the latest Esports team to gain champion status during the Axie Infinity World Championship. The team is focused on playing web3 games which are built around ownership via NFT assets.

During AxieCon in Barcelona, the players of METAT8 (pronounced like meditate) won the two largest of the finals in the championships, earning the team a combined total of $229,000. The players that won the competition are no strangers to victory in esports as they both have had experiences with success in other games in esports.

Axie Origins is the new overhauled version of the game that has users offer their NFT characters into battle via a card system. This was the game that Theeban”1437” Siva had a flawless run on. The player went 12-0 in sets cementing the title. The player had previous success in his decade long run playing Dota 2 which is another MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena which has had major history in Esports and provides some of the biggest winning pots in Esports history. Theeban played for other teams like Cloud9 and Dignitas during his career but decided to retire in 2021.


After his retirement he learned about Axie Infinity and it instantly appealed to him. Theeban was interested in Crypto at the time and the game helped bridge both of his interests into one. With the surge of the game METAT8 was founded as a guild with another content creator known simply as Elijah.

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Most of the guilds created for Axie were focused on a scholarship system that quickly filled away and has been transitioned since the creation of Axie Origins. The scholarship program saw the owners of the NFT loan out their expensive NFTs to players who could not afford the price of entry. The players would play the game for the owner and would be given a cut of the winnings. METAT8 is focused on Esports and less on scholarships and earning. The goal is to focus on being full-time players and allowing parents to fulfill their dreams.

The Axie Classic tournament was based on the older V2 battle mode ,and was one by Sebastian”Supercheria” Pozzo. Pozzo had a a career playing Magic: The Gathering for over a decade and placed 5th in the World Championship of 2019. Pozzo did not enjoy the Origins remake as much as he did the original so when the championship offered the original as a competition he was all-in. 

Axie Infinity has seen a lot of change since the infamous hack.The game has undergone a change with Origins that now offers free-to-play trial monsters and reworked gameplay. 

For now the Axie Infinity community will be a focusing on competition. Sky Mavis the company behind Axie Infinity announced $2.4 million worth of AXS tokens offered for grants for esports tournaments and events. 

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